About Us

The Community Housing Council of Fresno  was established by a group of individuals from the local real estate community in 1994. Our purpose has always been to encourage homeownership through education and counseling.  Today CHC seeks to continue this tradition, as well as provide outreach to new and current homeowners in the Central Valley.
In its infancy, the CHC held meetings at local restaurants and at City Hall.  Later, its members formed a non-profit organization for purposes of accepting donations and using the monies to host events that would further support and educate home buyers.
In 2003, the CHC received 501(c)(3) non-profit status and soon opened a Housing Resource Center in the Manchester Shopping Center.   This new location allowed the CHC to meet with clients and better serve the needs of a growing community.
In 2007, the mission of the CHC shifted slightly in light of the mortgage and real estate downturn. Through our relationship with the Rural Community Acceptance Corporation, CHC is able to provide counseling and assistance to home owners who are struggling with their mortgage obligations as part of the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program. It was at this time that CHC became a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency for Default and Loss Mitigation Counseling.
In 2010, CHC was approved by HUD as a pre-purchase Housing Counseling Agency offering an 8 hour homebuyer class that is required by many of the local and State down payment assistance programs.

The Community Housing Council of Fresno is an advocate of Fair Housing.