CHC First Time Homebuyer Grants - Increased to $2000

We are NOT currently accepting applications for grants!
Temporarily out of funds

The Community Housing Council is excited to announce our 2017 Homebuyer Grant Program. This program offers up to $2000 to homebuyers that find themselves a little short on having enough funds to complete the purchase process. This program is for low-to-moderate income families only and the home must be in Fresno or Madera (by exception only) Counties. Please download the application listed below. Once it is complete, please email it along with all of the requested documents to
Only applications submitted to this email address will be considered. No applications will be accepted when we are out of funding for this program.

 Here are the family income limits for Fresno County:

1 - $33,550
2 - $38,350
3 - $43,150
4 - $47,900
5 - $51,750
6 - $55,600
7 - $59,400
8 - $63,250

To find out more information on this program give us a call.
Download our application below!